Bravo Juggling contests

Contests of Bravo Juggling

We organize photo/video contests since 2010 in every year with cool prizes and participants from all over the world.

This year's contest has been closed. See you next year!
Our previous contests

2017 - Bravo Juggling Contest 2017 -
"Trick + Mirror - photo / video"

winner 2017
Contest Winner

2016 - Bravo Juggling Contest 2016 -
"Trick + Tower - photo / video"
winner 2016
winner 2016 winner 2016
Audience Award Winner of the Video Category Winner of the Photo Cat.

2015 - Bravo Juggling Contest 2015 -
"Skill toy + fruit photo / video"
35 fruits :)

winner 2015 winner 2015 winner 2015
Winner of the Photo Category Winner of the Video Category Audience Award

2014 - Bravo Juggling Contest 2014 -
"Colorful juggling photo / video"
15 countries
winner 2014
winner 2014 winner 2014
Winner of the Photo Category Winner of the Video Category Audience Award

2013 - Bravo Juggling Contest 2013 -
" Juggling photo / video at an interesting sight close to your home"
all continents! / 20 countries

winner 2013 winner 2013 winner 2013
Winner of the Photo Category Winner of the Video Category Audience Award

2012 - Bravo Juggling devilstick photo contest -
"Devilstick photos"
86 photos / 20 countries

winner 2012 winner 2012
Winner of the Jury Audience Award

2011 - Bravo Juggling summer devilstick contest -
"Devilstick video by water"
41 videos / 17 countries

winner 2011
Randomly selected Winner

2010 - International Bravo TriStick contest -
"Favorite devilstick trick"
35 videos / 14 countries

winner 2010
Randomly selected Winner
Prizes of the Contests

Japanese winners
Japanese contestants of 2010 with the new Bravo Juggling keyrings they had got

Choosen gifts of 2016

Prize package
Prize package of 2015

Prize package
Prize package of 2014

Prize package
Choosen toy of the Video category winner 2013

Prize package
Custom sticks of the Photo category winner 2013

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