Bravo IsoStick
Create magical illusions
by changing the pivot of your moves

    Bravo IsoStick

Isolation baton

The isostick - or some may refer to it as magnetic baton - is a form of juggling where the batons are manipulated into different configurations using isolation techniques. An aluminium or a transparent plastic or a wooden rod is used for the body of the isobaton and wooden balls give the weight to the ends. The isosticks are usually used in pairs to do tech isolation manipulation.

Set (all is included)

• 2 isosticks
• waterresistant backsack for
   comfortable carrying

Features (why to choose it)

• custom options
• you can create optical illusions
• good for experimenting


Patterns (choose your favourite)

+ More Bravo Juggling videos

Bravo IsoStick - Wooden
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order
Bravo IsoStick - Transparent plastic
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order
Bravo IsoStick - Aluminium
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order

UV active designs

Bravo IsoStick - UV
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order
+ More UV active toys

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