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LED skill toys

This is a collection of our LED juggling props. For these props no blacklight is needed, they illuminate thanks to the Bravo Bright LED capsules.

Our battery powered glow toys serve for nighttime juggling. They are perfect for playing in festivals, night clubs and when fire is not an option.

The LED capsules of the Bravo Bright props were designed and are developed by our team and are smaller, lighter and consume less power (only 2 LR41 batteries) than those on the market today.

There are 4 available LED colors and a multicolor one which changes its color. The light intensities of the LED capsules differ: red (23000 mcd), green (22000 mcd), blue (18000 mcd), yellow (4000-7000 mcd), changing multicolor (4000-6000 mcd).
Features (why to choose it)

• bright LEDs
• blacklight is not needed
• batteries are included
• perfect choice when fire is not an option
• changable batteries and changable
  LED juggling    

Bravo Bright toys (choose your favourite)

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  LED devilstick
Bravo BrightStick
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  LED poi
Bravo BrightPoi
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  LED levistick
Bravo Bright LeviStick
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  led staff
Bravo BrightStaff
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Bravo Bright FingerPoi
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  led handsticks

Bravo Bright devilstick handsticks

Even more lights!
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  led capsules

Bravo Bright LED capsule

You will be able to change the colors in your Bravo Bright prop, if you order some additional capsules.
Available LED colors: red (23000 mcd), green (22000 mcd), blue (18000 mcd), yellow (4000-7000 mcd), changing multicolor (4000-6000 mcd).

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Some Instagram photos of the Bravo Bright line

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