Bravo Juggling

The Bravo Juggling is a juggling toy company based in Budapest, Hungary.

All of our juggling toys are developed, tested and handcrafted by our team using fine quality European primary materials. We guarantee the premium standard of our toys with our brand name and logo.

Our workshop and office is in the heart of the capital where our team manufactures the products and conduct the online communication.

Besides producing and selling juggling props we are busy with these too:


  Our products

The Bravo Juggling manufactures and distributes fine quality juggling props. Our sortiment includes: devilsticks, spinning toys, toss & catch props.

We have a wide range of juggling sticks. We can offer one for all needs and price levels. We sell our sticks in sets which means that the price covers not only the baton but the handsticks, the velcro strap and the shoulder case as well. All the accessories are included and they are sold in a paper package with a handy carry handle and a euro hole for hanging.
In addition to the traditional rubber and silicone flowersticks we also sell leather-tassels, aluminium-core, led light, three-point water devilsticks and manufacture silicone-coated conical devilsticks and mini devilsticks for finger tricks.

Spinning toys:
If you would like to try other type of object manipulation, you can choose from our spinning, swinging, twisting, twirling toys too such as the pois with removeable ribbons and the LED light pois, the begleri, the traditional and the LED levisticks and the ribbon wands and the isosticks for isolation tricks. All is sold in a case.

Toss & catch props:
The toss juggling props are thrown or tossed into the air and caught. To learn and perform this form of juggling which is most recognisable as 'juggling' we can provide you smaller and bigger crocheted juggling balls and fabric juggling beanbeags. Our new developments are the hoopsticks which are good pre-kendama tools.

You can also order juggling equipment accessories.

We continue to develop new products and improve the existing ones if it is even possible.


Some of our most receint Instagram photos/videos:

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